7 Reasons To Have Remedial Massage

There are many reasons that our clients get a regular Remedial Massage, here are some of the main ones.

Regular Remedial Massage is fast becoming an integral part of many people's health and wellness routine. Prevention of pain and treatment for the areas already hurting are a good motivator to take care of your body. There are many reasons that our clients get a regular Remedial Massage, here are some of the main ones.

Work Related Injuries

We have a number of clients who have sustained injuries at work and are receiving treatment through the Workers Compensation system. These injuries range from minor acute muscle strains through to long term complex chronic conditions. Remedial Massage is an approved form of treatment under the Workers Compensation system and only requires referral from your GP. If you been injured at work talk to your GP whether Remedial Massage will be suitable for you.

Sports Injuries

Winter is now upon us which means that preseason training has started for Soccer, Rugby League, Union and Netball. Like most participants in these sports you have likely not done too much over the summer period and charge into preseason training. This then leads into injuring hamstrings/groins/quads or even worse, knees and ankles. Remedial Massage is a useful modality in treating these injuries and getting you back on the field. We are also able to work in with your Physiotherapist to optimise your rehabilitation.

Stress Management

We all suffer from stress in our lives but it always comes down to how we personally deal with this stress. Stress can impact the body in many different ways, most clients present to us with tight shoulders and necks which often result in tension headaches. Remedial Massage is very effective in relieving that tension and eliminating the headaches. Massage is also effective in relaxing the nervous system and calming the body.....so much so that we often have clients fall asleep on the table!


I don't treat pregnant clients but I see the amazing results that Melissa gets with her pregnant clients. I cant begin to imagine the pain and discomfort that pregnant clients feel but I suspect it may be right up there with man flu. As a husband and father, the best advice I can give to expectant fathers is to make sure that you book your wife in for regular massages during her pregnancy.....oh, and make sure that you help with the washing, cooking and cleaning. To book her in go to www.evolutionhealthservices.com.au

Post Surgery

After surgery, many people are referred to a Physiotherapist for post op care. Once the Physiotherapist has assessed them and recommended exercises, they sometimes come across clients who would benefit from more time concentrated on soft tissue massage. This doesn't mean I softly massage their back. It usually means pinpointing areas which have tightened up following surgery and with the Physiotherapist's guidance, proving Remedial Massage to the correct areas.

Restricted Movement

How many times do you wake up in the morning and your neck and back is stiff and achy? Do you sit down at a computer all day at the office and struggle to get up out of the chair? Nowadays our lifestyles are very sedentary and our bodies get used to poor postures causing aches and pains. Remedial Massage along with targeted stretching and exercises can undo the damage caused and make you a better human being.

Self Care

Do you see a trend with most of the reasons above? Most people wait for an issue to arise before they see a Massage Therapist. They have a niggle that keeps sticking around until it becomes unbearable then books in. We do however have some super smart clients that book in regularly to maintain their bodies function. They make sure that they have their Remedial Massage scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to make sure they are looking after their bodies. They know how hard their body is working and recognise they need the rest.

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