What To Do After Your First Massage

We are passionate about providing more than just a massage and want to help educate you on how to continue to manage your health at home.

Thank you for enjoying your first Sports or Remedial massage with Evolution Sports Therapy. We are passionate about providing more than just a massage and want to help educate you on how to continue to manage your health at home. We have created some tips below to help you understand what happens next.

Muscle Tenderness

Following a massage it is normal to have tender spots in the muscles we have worked. We often describe the pain as similar to that following exercise, delayed onset muscle soreness. These tender spots are often felt in the first 24 hrs and gone in 48 hrs. You can use ice or cold packs on the tender areas to help reduce pain and inflammation. Alternatively, after the first 24 hours, heat can be used to help with chronic aches, pains and reduce fascia tension. You should not be experiencing intense pain following your massage and if you are, please contact us immediately so we can get more information and advise the next steps.


Your Remedial Massage Therapist is likely to have given you stretches to do at home if you came with a specific ache, pain or injury. These will be specific to the muscles that were tight during your massage. There is no need to do these stretches straight after your massage as your Massage Therapist would have already completed these during the session. You should complete your stretches again within 24 hours and complete them at least once per day, depending on your activity, work or pain. Remember to do any stretches you have been given by your Remedial Massage Therapist.

Rest and Recover

Following your massage, it's best to plan the rest of your day to involve some rest and light activity. You have likely had some intense work completed on your body so it needs some time to rest and heal itself. However, this does not mean you lay completely flat out on the couch, this will only make the muscles stiffen up further as they need to move. If you have a daily gym routine, try to plan your next massage after your workout to allow the day to rest. If you want to work out after your massage, keep it light.


After your massage we recommend you have a drink of water. Room temperature is better as your body can use it straight away. There's a myth that massage helps remove toxins from tissue and water flushes them out of the body. So why do we recommend water? Well it's likely you will feel thirsty after laying on the table for an hour and air conditioning also takes some hydration from your body so why not quench your thirst with a glass of water. With our bodies being made up of mostly water, it's a good habit to continue. It also keeps all systems in the body working well.

When Should You Book Your Next Remedial Massage?

Following your massage, your Remedial Massage Therapist may have recommended a timeframe for you to return. If we forgot, send us a message and we can give you advice about when to return. We often recommend you to return 1-2 weeks after your first massage to see how you went. We can also make any further adjustments to our treatment.

If you are looking at starting regular massage as a good maintenance program, we recommend having a remedial massage every 4-6 weeks depending on your needs. If you are more active or experiencing long term aches and pain, we would recommend that you come in every 2-3 weeks until we can get your chronic pain to a more manageable level.  

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If you didn't rebook at the time, you can book online at anytime: Book Online Now

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