Why I am Different from other Therapists

What sets Evolution Sports Therapy apart from other massage therapists?

Do you find it hard to find a massage therapist that treats the way you like and helps you gets results? Unfortunately when you search for a massage therapist you don't get much information about them as a therapist to know if they are the one for you.

To make it easier for you I have put together some information so you can get to know me as a therapist.

I don't do relaxation massage

I don't have the fluffy feel good pretty stuff in my room and I don't enjoy the traditional waterfall and pan flute music. I prefer to have some chilled out styled music but am happy to put on the clients choice of music. I've even played country music for clients.

My style is remedial/sports which means that I like to identify issues within the body and then work on them to either reduce pain or to improve function.

That's not to say that my treatment is not relaxing, I aim to make my treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

I have a different background than most therapists

I know you will be surprised to know that I am in my mid 40's, but that means that I have had plenty of life experiences. That includes playing a large range of sports and working in a wide range of industries - including construction, office based roles and more recently as a Personal Trainer. I am also now returning for a second time to MMA training as part of the Wimp 2 Warrior program. Why does this make me special? Through all of those experiences I've had that many sprains strains aches and surgeries that in most cases I have first hand experience of what my clients are experiencing. That means that I am better equipped to manage their ongoing treatment than others

I tailor my treatment to address your needs

"Doesn't every therapist do that?" I hear you ask. Short answer is not always. Many clients have commented that they have been to other therapists with a specific issue that they need treated, and they either don't touch it or only spend a couple of minutes on it. If you come to me with a neck issue then the majority of the treatment time will be focussed on your neck

I provide a more comprehensive treatment program

Due to my experience as a Personal Trainer I am able to provide my clients a bigger variety of stretches and exercises to assist them with improving their mobility and flexibility as well as improving their strength. These exercises coupled with their remedial treatment will be targeted at resolving their current issues and reduce the likelihood of ongoing issues. 

I have an online booking system

You don't need to needlessly call around different businesses to try and find an appointment time that suits your schedule. Browse available times at your leisure and make your booking 24/7.

To make a booking, head over to www.evolutionsportstherapy.com.au/book-online

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